Comic 73 - Interlude, Page 5

Interlude, Page 5
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Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 8:35 PM edit delete
That concludes this brief break!

Next week starts something that cannot be undone!

You guys have no idea what is about to happen: but if you stick-around for the next 65 pages (or so), I promise the story of the century!
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Amalockh1 19th Oct 2017, 8:59 PM edit delete reply
I always liked a lot Turbo's hat :)
Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Where else could you find tie-dye and infinity? :)
NeilKapit 19th Oct 2017, 9:38 PM edit delete reply
I'm intrigued by that boast. Bring it on.
Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
HYPE! No, seriously...I understand these pages weren't special, but they're leading up to the grand project I wrote a year ago!
Seabiscuit 19th Oct 2017, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
Gotta agree with Amalockh, it's the swaggest dang hat, he really rocks it!;)
Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 9:43 PM edit delete reply
By major consensus, I must embark on the journey to actually buy that boy this hat! Perhaps he shall unlock (additional) super powers! ;)
Turbo 19th Oct 2017, 11:00 PM edit delete reply
My legendary backpack... Survival outside the broHome will be faultless beyond doubt. With only my herbs, capsules, tape, and paper; we can triumph over any obstacle, live without food, keep warm, and exterminate all FUPAs that waddle into our space!
Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 11:15 PM edit delete reply
I guess I should pack some surprises in mine, for us, as well. You would bring medicine without water and paper without pens, wouldn't you? That's why we're a team on this journey together! One has to compensate for the other. We've really lived without necessities, like: food, water, sleep, warmth, and safety, haven't we? WADDLE - YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! XD
Turbo 19th Oct 2017, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
You can carry the organic soup and coffee.
Buckeye 19th Oct 2017, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
And matches. So, good - you'll still be carrying the pots (and, hey, you're damn dangerous with a frying pan!). :)
Lyann Johnes 20th Oct 2017, 9:04 AM edit delete reply
Lyann Johnes
Ah the benefit of stealing stuff from a store not beeing a crime anymore!
Buckeye 20th Oct 2017, 11:29 AM edit delete reply
You know, that really is so beneficial right now and suits our needs perfectly. <:D
Kevtrev 20th Oct 2017, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
Well now I'm excited to see what happens next :D
Buckeye 20th Oct 2017, 11:30 AM edit delete reply
Oh good, and I hope not to disappoint you, friend! :)
Miaubol 20th Oct 2017, 2:30 PM edit delete reply

"that cannot be undone"-
uh-Oh now I fear the worst again .. but this is what we want, right? events leading to an actual change ;)

"how incredibly benevolent"-
Well, I must say it *was* a fitting reply ;D
Buckeye 20th Oct 2017, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
Once you ride on this train, exiting shall be an impossibility! ;) Fear can be good?

The real him would probably have told me something exponentially funnier. he he
Cooke 20th Oct 2017, 6:48 PM edit delete reply
Turbo should loot a few boxes of dishes. Just chuck the dirty ones in the ditch. That'll save on chores ;)


It's almost biblical.
Buckeye 20th Oct 2017, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
Yes, or grab paper ones! XD Or throw AT people! HA
I think he would particularly enjoy that idea!

Or does he? They could be very far away and have a bitch of a time trying to find us. :O

Then again, I do want to note his deserved hype...
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