Comic 48 - Our Weapons and Training, Page 8

27th Apr 2017, 8:18 PM in Chapter 5: Flashback 2
Our Weapons and Training, Page 8
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Buckeye 27th Apr 2017, 8:18 PM edit delete
Fan Art from my newest subscriber, monoushi:


Damn, I am so gorgeous! Look at that hair! Oh shit, I forgot; I just chopped all mine off to donate! Thanks, I love her, regardless of my recent decision!

You can find lots of awesome hair and pants on her comic (on which, I must binge):

You are forever immortalized on my Fan Art page!

Being the Master/Queen of Grammar in English and Spanish, I OBVIOUSLY know how to spell the verb, "wink." Winke, Gass, and Sydorenko are 3 female professors, whose doctoral research inspired my own mini-thesis project on the acquisition of 'palabras extranjeras' (foreign language words) through the use of films with subtitles. That just provokes the question, when the FUCK are we going to laud INTELLIGENT women?

Can you guess which band I was listening to, whilst drawing this, based on my shirt? Hint: they are synonymous with, "Trash." XD

If you do not understand the reference, I am assigning you homework: go and watch The Fifth Element right now, children.
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