This is an extended explanation of the character profiles: 


Code name: "Buckeye" 
Real name is finally revealed: 
Best friend: "Turbo" 
Age: old enough...38 
Height: 5'6", 5'9" in boots 
Weight: 115 pounds of solid meat 
Hair: straight, gorgeous auburn-chestnut 
Eye: insanely large, softly beautiful honey brown with crow's feet 
Fingers: extremely long, thin, vampiric

Smile: usually only around besty 

Former Life job: was studying Mathematics in Graduate School and teaching 

Ink: Pi symbol on left calf, Infinity symbol on right calf: Huge dragon on her back: http://

Sun sign: Gemini! :) 

I.Q. : off the charts 
Speaks: flawless English, perfect Spanish, okay Italian, sporadic French and terrible German 
Best traits: adaptable, protective, innovative, loyal, passionate 
Worst traits: impatient, judgmental, defensive, callous 
Talents: unending, specifically for music.  Also an amazing chef! 

Needs helps: not getting angry, dealing with things 'properly' 

Other relatives: possibly a brother? 

Quirks: skeptical 
Affinity: towards coffee 
Will never: leave Turbo's side 


Code name: "Turbo" 
Real name is finally revealed: 
Best friend: "Buckeye" 
Age: 41 
Height: 5'10"-5'11" 
Weight: 141 pounds of skin and bones 
Hair: straight, gorgeous black with gray 
Eyes: insanely large, intoxicating, absolutely mesmerizing emerald green 
Fingers: also long, thin, vampiric

Smile: absolutely humongous, very warming 

Former Life job: Forensic Photographer 

Ink: King Cobra, wrapping-around left bicep and tricep http:// 

Sun sign: Pisces! :) 

I.Q. : eh, high enough ;) 
Speaks: English fluently - excellent lexicon, Spanish code words 
Best traits: dedicated, docile, dependable, truthworthy, cheerful 
Worst traits: conceited, blunt, untactful, stubborn 
Talents: highly-skilled, technologically-gifted, incredibly clever, absolutely hysterical  

Need help: giving Buck compliments, not having an ego 

Other relatives: we shall see! 

Quirks: straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange 
Affinity: towards coffee 
Will never: leave Buckeye's side


The Well-Fed! Basically, they are really fat and absolutely hate our two main stars.  

Consists of: Chef Fat Bitch, Roly-Poly, 'Great' Leader, The Fireman ... so far 

Gone: Beer Gut, FUPA 


Some museum fucker, holiding Javis hostage...what a jerk! Also gone.  (first Buck slaughter) 

We'll call him the Dollar Tree French Toast Stick man.  XD (first 'Bo slaughter)