Secrets and Extras

Just some extra stuff that most people would never have noticed (and that's okay!): 

- This was an actual lamp that my mom bought for my birthday, and I was like 'did I ask for this'? I thought the thing was pretty stupid, but gave me a great idea for annoying my best friend (whose arms I need to fix)! 

- Turbo would never, ever yell - nor get upset - at me, especially over something this stupid; but, I have been known to get angry at miniscule things.  Sometimes, I feel that is funny to switch our personalities. 

- In real life, I have a few other best friends (so does he), but this boy really has a cup that never leaves his sight. 

- The tree that Turbo leans against has our actual initials ("N" and "T") inscribed.  And yes, I have gone to bathe many times while forgetting a towel! 

- We all know and have seen that I don an Infinity symbol on my right calf, but did you ever see that drawn on and intertwined in(to) Turbo's hat? 

- I actually drew my shirt waaay higher, showing my protruding ribs, but figured my family would scream at me, "Eat something!" 

- I have never seen a piece of stubble on Turbo's face, even though he has an insanely-dark 5 o'clock shadow, so that is why he lacks facial hair. 

- "We're not the Only Ones" is a reference to: Nirvana, Filter, and Garbage songs! I NEED music to draw - and to live. 

- No, these are NOT actual people I know.  They are simply representations of those that give us nasty looks for being thin.  Pffft! 

- Okay, perhaps the blood spewing from his mouth is excessive (I did say, "slightly realistic"), but I had a tooth extracted, and this is literally how I felt.  Ew? 

"A Quality of Mercy" is an extremely underrated episode of the greatest show ever, The Twilight Zone.

This is quite a gruesome page, as the result of many chats between us.  I just cannot get over how great we both look in the first panel!

Yes, those are mashed potatoes covering the rest of the letters, thanks to Turbo's utter silliness.  ha ha ;) 

- First of all, JAVIS picked-out his own name and I loved how that sounded, but I gave him CICATRIZ ("scar" in Spanish), alluding to what is now his signature feature.  NATAZIA is a combination of "Natalie/Natalia" and "Anastazia", 2 names that I absolutely adore, and alude to my Meditteranean and Slavic heritages.  TREVI is from the Fontana di Trevi in Italia, which is just so beautiful.  Javis, as you now see, was a Forensic Photographer, which lends to his bloodlust, and the fact that he is not bothered by anything disturbing.  Natazia was studying to be a Math Teacher (of High School students), so she can obviously deal with anything, if she could handle teenagers! 

- I wanted to finally showcase our love for each other, by smushing my face into my best friend's chest, which I do quite often, and him squeezing so strongly! The outfits we are wearing are what we had on for our 10-year Friendiversary. 

- Normally, I do not draw those that I know.  But in that last panel, I do know that fucking piece of shit with a butcher knife sticking-out of her back, that I so fervently placed there.  This God damn, whore-ass bitch did not approve me for a certification, which - technically - is a promotion.  SO NOW, I GET TO FUCKING CUT YOU OPEN, YOU WORTHLESS SACK OF SHIT! >:D 

*cough* :) In other news..... 

Seriously, Javis knows better than to ever ask me if I am ready: 

Javis (on Thursday night), "Hi, wIll you be ready Monday night at 9?"

Natazia, "Well, going to be hard..." 

- Did your paintings ever come out like Bob Ross'? Because mine sure never fucking did! Did you notice all the T's and N's I put? Again, our REAL initials! Oh, and the license plate has our birthdays! Did I draw a vortex on the map we're perusing, ha ha? I think that was meant to be a lake, but, oh well! XD 

Full Bibliography:

1) Sobredosis Alberto Fuguet  "Amor sobre Ruedas" pagina 33 c. 1986 

I mean, we are opening a door to opportunities.  The girls? NOT so much... 

Also, the address of 108 stands for August 10th, the day our two beautiful children were born! ;)

- When my brothers asked me to go away to the country house for a nice, relaxing weekend, I did not expect that to mean, "Build a God damn futon."  You know what, though? I feel awesome doing - pretty much - anything with my hands! But, seriously, fuck that thing.  XD 

- Those tissues have been on that rug since the 80's, I shit you not.  *nasty* 

- As much as I love The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I fucking destroyed New York, along with everything good and bad that encompasses.  I will say, though, that I left a few exhibits intact: Japanese Weaponry, Islamic Porcelain, and Egyptian Art.  All 3 of those have greatly influenced me artistically and historically.

- "Fukoku kyohei" is Japanese for, "Rich Nation, Strong State" a rough translation, of course.  I studied a lot of Asian History, and that was a phrase that I randomly recalled.  So, enjoy, kids! :) 

- Okay, no, seriously, we do not cry.  We have never seen each other cry.  So, I felt really upset drawing those sad eyes! ;'( 

- Have you noticed that I never color the skin of the antagonists? Yes, I am truly making a prophetic statement (in this) by saying, "Assholes come in ALL colors!" XD 

- When I was posing for this, I was recollecting all the horrendous mental and emotional abuse I have endured in my life, but mainly in Middle School.  How I survived shall always be a mystery, unto my brain.  The strength I exude from the beautiful definition on my arms, tiny waist, and amazingly-toned legs is precious, little consolation for what I've endured.  Still, taking another's life would terrify even the strongest of us.  And - yes - regurgitation is a natural reaction to seeing a lifeless body, especially one you have vanquished.  As BAMF as our characters are, some things remain sweet and innocent about us.  I think being faced with a real catastrophe, especially the initial/first loss would shock the shit out of us, both.  

- Why dragons? When I was being constantly and mercilessly tormented in Middle School (for years), I joined an after-school Art Club that forced me to stay an extra hour, so I wouldn't be beaten to a bloody pulp when I left.  They had us paint murals on the walls, and that is the one I chose.  Perhaps that saved my life? What was done to me was cruel and unfair, undoubtedly.  This divine sublimation, though, helped me through the darkest times I ever faced (in life).  So, no, this is NOT 'just' a tattoo.  Art holds such a deep meaning.  I can't think straight; this was too deep a confession.  For those that empathize and understand, I thank you whole-heartedly. 

- Ah, the chicken parmigiana story goes a little something like this: 

I invite Javis over for dinner before we go and see a movie.  And yes, I really did go out and buy everything and cook the most delectable chicken parmigiana that ever existed.  

Javis: Thanks, that was great.  

Natazia: Of course.  That was my pleasure.  I always wanted to cook for you.  Now that you've eaten my food, you are officially Italian.  

J: Ha ha, okay.  

N: So, yes.  

J: All right, well, we better get going.  

N: Yes, we should.  (blink at each other awhile) 

J: Are you going to clean before we leave? 



(this went on for awhile, so - finally - he gave in, and washed every dish to a mirror shine) 

N: Thanks, we can go now.  

J: I am NEVER coming here for dinner AGAIN! 

(and he hasn't!) 


All I really want to say about the scene, "Buck's Eye" is I drew that LAST October! 

- So much of this scene was inspired from the television series, 24.  

- I still laugh hysterically at that big PLUCK I wrote! XD 

- Time to confess: I wear glasses in real life.  So, I guess the missing eye is representative of my macular degeneration?  

- I forgot the blood on Turbo's shirt, didn't I? Uh, wait, NO I DIDN'T, because he, uh, wiped that off while I was sleeping! *oh shit, I suck face* 

- NO ONE LIKED MY FIREPLACE?!?!? I literally stood there, drawing that, in my brother's cabin, capturing the essence of beauty in fire and... 

- AND THAT SUNRISE! I thought that was wonderful.  Why does everyone only like the crazy parts? ;p 


The WHOLE POINT of this page is to point-out that Turbo IS NOT PERFECT! Please, oh please, stop thinking that (he is)! No, neither of us would ever smoke.  And yes, both of us (real and fake) have siblings! 

I have way too much to add-on to this page, that was going to make my Author Comments bordering on a dissertation.  Let me begin by saying the virus that destroys most of humanity is L I T E R A L L Y the scariest, fucking thing I could ever conjure.  Think about this: something invisible that could decimate 99% of the population.  There is no shelter to shield you; a haz mat suit would eventually have to come-off.  Your best bet would be to enter Space? Again, this just beyond terrifies me, imagining seeing my family or the very few humans I care for suffer in agony.  I ... I cannot take that.  I feel my chest tightening as I write this, but I wanted to make everyone cognizant that this was no copycat cop-out, overused bullshit thing, but incredibly significant to my being and perception.

Yes, I am an INFJ, which is the rarest personality type on Earth.  I own every strength and "weakness" of such a dynamic and powerful type.  

Anyway, I really love how I drew myself in that panel where you can clearly read that on my shirt: and how I drew Turbo in the 5th panel.  I dunno; sometimes I can capture things, and others, I fall flat.  Nobody is a worse critic on me than myself.  Thankfully, I have an amazing story with flawless grammar, which more than makes-up for my imperfect art.  Oh God, did I just say something about me was less than perfect? I need to shower, now.  >ugh< 

I hope everyone is enjoying our 1-year Anniversary! I will explain our origin in depth another day.  But for now, I wanted to mention a few things about here: 

- Apparently, navy jumpsuits were owned - and worn - by my mom and Heidi's.  So, that sealed the deal on my clothing! 

- Which, by the way, didn't anyone notice all the Infinity symbols on Javis' shirt? I bet you have all seen that special flower before, too.  ;) 

- Nobody even noticed I made us all young again: no wrinkles, and no grays! I L O V E D drawing his sideburns! 

- So, I guess I have established that my comic is fucked-up enough where cocaine-snorting and acid-dropping are normal and expected! XD 

- What a reaction I have gotten to this page! Sorry, no, just to the last panel.  No one cared about us being passed-out on each other? I thought that was sweet.  The clock is pointing to 3:13, which (American format) is 3/13, Turbo's birthday.  And honestly? I get very sad when I see me kiss him on the cheek.  I'm kissing him goodbye, people! The drugs really have nothing to do with anything, other than stories I've heard about that decade.  Okay, YES, gore rules! :)