Fan Art!!!

Enjoy this beautiful piece I drew for the incredible Seabiscuit, and her awesome comic, "Wastelanders Anonymous."

Here is another piece I drew for the awesome PaulPowers, and his fantastic comic, "E.V.I.L."

Oh my God! I am so ecstatic to announce that I finally received a piece of Fan Art from the wonderful TNTiger, the mastermind behind the insanely-cool comic, "Grim Trigger."

- I have to admit, she's absolutely perfect, especially that hair color!!! THANK YOU! 

Wouldn't I be a jerk if I did not return the favor? ;)

I received another great piece of Fan Art from the effervescent artimesia8989, the lovely lady behind in adorably-intriguing comic, "Alice in Cageland."]"Buckeye and Turbo" by artemesia8989

- I have to admit, the combination of evil and cute suits us so WELL!!! THANK YOU! 

Once again, would I not be a jerk if I did not return the favor? ;)

The awesome PaulPowers has returned the favor in kind, and I could not be more in love with this!

- Look how sexy we are! I literally replaced my background of a real picture of us with this! :D 

A little something i cooked-up for Amlockh1, the genius behind, "Armless Amy" ( ), and her best friend, Eustace:

Some cool person was kind enough to draw me their version of Turbo! I think he looks super-cute, yet ready to do some damage! Thanks, Caliguican!

Look who has returned the favor! Thanks a lot, Amalockh1! Such mighty Turbo eyebrows, he dons:

After reading Miaubol's wonderful comic, "Kordinar 25000", I could not help but notice those Walderon guys bore a striking resemblance to a certain being I know:

WHAT A FUCKING TREAT! I am still blown-away by how freaking awesome this is! You rock my world, Miaubol!

Even though I asked for Rulerbrain's interpretation of us, he hit that, spot-on perfectly.  Thanks! Seriously, I have to do all the work around here (kidding, T)! Aw, and always with an evil grin, too:

I LITERALLY dropped my fucking jaw when I received this! Cooke, this is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! You may know Cooke as the brilliant tactician behind the 80's action-themed awesomeness, entitled, "Bounty Hunter."

Look at all the cuteness monoushi drew for/about me! You can find her super-fun comic here:

The cuteness I exude here definitely lands SunnySideUpSmile a laudatory comment.  I mean, that shirt is spot-on:

Check-out just one of their great comics:

A phenomenal and statuesque pose of your truly, done by the great ChippewaGhost:

Thanks again for capturing my beautiful essence! CG is the mastermind behind the super-popular web comic, "Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich."

Once again, the wonderous Monoushi has captured all of my majesty and perfection here:

Thanks to this awesome lady behind the magical, enchanting craziness of this:

Lots of appreciation to Maxis-Geryon for his adorable rendition of us! This is absolutely wonderful, and I cannot thank you enough!

Check-out his super-cool, crazy and violent comic "Monster Bait" here:

From the Man, the Myth, the Legend himself, Turbo/Javis was so kind enough to bestow this absolutely hysterical rendition of us upon our eyes:

I don't know what I would ever do without you; I wouldn't laugh, that's for shit fucking sure! Thank you so much - once again - for this.  Your wonderful gestures are ALWAYS appreciated! :) 

The super Cat Queen Miaubol gave me her blacklighted, strobed-out, extra cool version of us:

I demand that we design and wear those bags everywhere.  Again, she is the great lady behind the amazing comic "Kordinar 25000."

How delighted was I when I saw NeilKapit sent me this fantastic rendition of us: 

I HAVE AN AXE! Nothing can stop me now! Of course, we all know NeilKapit is the emotive machine behind, "We Are the WyreCats."